Assaf Evron is an artist and a photographer based in Chicago. His work has been exhibited internationally in museums and galleries and has been commissioned by major institutions. This website is dedicated to commissioned architectural photography. For art practice, please visit


Madlener House, Chicago

 Commissioned by The Graham Foundation for Advanced Study in Art And Architecture 

The Poetry Foundation, Chicago

Commissioned by The Water Tower Art District 

The Arts Club, Chicago

Commissioned by The Water Tower Art District 

The Society for Architecture Historians, Chicago

Commissioned by The Water Tower Art District 

MTA, New York

Commissioned by Billings Jackson

Moynihan Train Hall, New York

Commissioned by Billings Jackson

Penn Station, New York

Commissioned by VIA Collective

Real Estate Portfolio, Chicago

Commissioned by Belgravia Group

SFO, Way Finding Systems

Commissioned by Billings Jackson

Museums and Exhitions

The Design of Carpets that Designs Us for The Canadian Center For Architecture 

Curator: Dan Handel

Out of the Retina, Into the Brain: The Art Library of Aaron and Barbara Levine
for The Art Institute of Chicago 

Curators: Matt Witkovski and Becca Schlossberg

Jerusalem in Detail for The Israel Museum in Jerusalem

Curator: Dan Handel

Avraham Yaski for Tel-Aviv Museum of Art

Curator: Dan Handel

Aircraft Carrier for the Israeli Pavilion at the Venice Biennial for Architecture 

Curators: Erez Ella, Milana Gitzin-Adiram, Dan Handel

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